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Warroad River West Branch in Beltrami Island Stat Forest

Watershed District Description

The Warroad Watershed District consists of two distinct areas. One part lies north of the watershed of the Warroad River. This part includes approximately 24 square miles of Lake Township of Roseau County and extends from the Warroad River watershed boundary north to the Canadian border. It is approximately six miles north to south and four miles east to west, and lies west to the shoreline of Lake of the Woods.

The other area, the major portion of the District, is land draining directly to the Warroad River. The area drained by the Warroad River and tributaries lies in the Lake of the Woods drainage basin, which in turn is part of the Hudson Bay basin. The Watershed District is located in the extreme north central to northwestern portion of Minnesota, next to the international boundary with Manitoba, Canada, and is mostly in eastern Roseau County and western Lake of the Woods County. The only population center within the District is the city of Warroad, although the cities of Roseau and Baudette are within short driving distance.

The District encompasses an area of 312 square miles (199,680 acres) of which 190 square miles are in the Beltrami Island State Forest. It has a maximum length of 32 miles from north to south and a maximum of 19 miles from east to west.
The District has several distinct areas relative to management and development. The southern half is largely undeveloped (approximately 70% wetlands) and is home to the Beltrami Island State Forest and the Red Lake Indian Reservation. There are also lands designated as "consolidated conservation" lands and managed by the Minnesota DNR in this area. These are largely undeveloped and dedicated to forestry. To the north of this area from the State Forest to the International Border, encompassing about 100 square miles, is an area of agriculture, mixed commercial and industrial use. About 70% of this area is utilized as agriculture.
There is one major city within the District, the city of Warroad. One major manufacturing company, Marvin Windows, is located there and tourism of Lake of the Woods is a major attraction for both summer and winter activities. On the outskirts of Warroad are many resorts and one major subdivision, Warroad Estates. The city and subdivision, shoreland areas of Lake of the Woods, Beltrami Island State Forest, and agricultural areas all present different challenges to water management.

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